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Growing Healthy Eaters with Growing Smiles

Dr Colette Reynolds of Growing Healthy Eaters talks to oral health coach LeighGS about children’s diet. Lots of parents struggle with getting children to eat a healthy diet. Mealtimes can be stressful and snacking frequent. Colette answers some of these questions.

Time/Topic 2.40 Colette explains about her sons issues with ‘wet foods’

6.10 If a child doesn’t eat meal should they be given something else?

12.34 Is there a difference between boys and girls eating habits?

16.50 6 year old, Mum says eats with his eyes. Nervous of trying new foods/sensory issues

27.00 Snacking v mealtimes

34.20 Hungry or thirsty?

39.00 Benefits of drinking water

45.50 Fruit concentrates

46.15 Food labelling

49.20 What is low sugar?

55.00 Treat boxes – learning to deal with temptation

1.01.20 Colette’s top tips to takeaway

1.05.30 Looking beyond Google – the benefits of professional, personalised advice

1.07.50 All about positive change

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