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PerioPlus Regenerate Mouthrinse


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PerioPlus Regenerate Mouthrinse from Curaprox


Active ingredients

  • Chlorhexidine digluconate 0.09%
  • CITROX®/P formula – natural extract of bitter oranges combined with polylysine amino acids
  • Cyclodextrin for protection against viruses and to prevent bad breath
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Xylitol for a pleasant taste, to protect against caries (tooth decay)
  • PVP/VA for a highly effective protective film over the teeth, gums and oral mucosa
  • No alcohol
  • No bleach

Recommended use after oral surgery included periodontal (gum) therapy and Professional Mechanical Plaque removal.

How to use – Rinse 10mls undiluted for 60seconds for up to 1 month.  Unless advsied by a dental professional use at a different time to toothbrushing.

Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children.


Dental professionals have been recommending chlorhexidine for almost 70 years, and for good reason: it works. In addition to CHX digluconate, Perio Plus+ contains natural bioflavonoids extracted from bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium amara): CITROX®. CITROX® is a natural bioflavonoid extracted from bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium amara). To ensure it adheres well to the teeth, gums and oral mucosa for a long-lasting effect, it is combined with another natural ingredient – polylysine amino acids – to create the CITROX®/P formula.

Perio Plus+ tastes good, thanks to CITROX® and the flavouring developed by the flavour experts at Givaudan. Furthermore, Perio Plus+ does not have any impact on your sense of taste.

Minimise discolouration from using PerioPlus Regenerate Mouthrinse . During treatment with Perio Plus+, avoid consuming tobacco, coffee, black and green tea, red wine, berries, curry and saffron. This will keep discolouration to a minimum. Clean your teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush. Discolouration is easily removed by your dental team.  None of our Perio Plus+ or Curaprox products contain bleach.

Use Perio Plus+ or other CHX mouthwashes at your dental professionals recommendation. In normal circumstances, this product is not required – toothbrushes and interdental brushes are sufficient for cleaning the teeth, gums and oral mucosa. Always follow the instructions of your dental team.


Not sure if you should use PerioPlus Regenerate Mouthrinse? Why not talk to an oral health coach and get personalised oral care advise. Learn more and book Time out for Teeth here.

Worried about gum health?  Learn more about looking after your gums here.

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