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75+ Years

  • Inside the mouth – Teeth, Function, Appearance & Replacement. Tooth/Root decay, Gum disease, Tooth wear, Recession, Sensitivity, Trauma, Mouth Cancer & Soft tissue health.  Failing restorations. Saliva, Dry mouth & Fresh breath.
  • Health and Wellbeing – Healthy aging. Independence and self care. Overall health, Oral Health and Quality of  Life. Frailty, isolation and mental health.
  • Oral hygiene – Self care. Carers mouth care – Supporting and assisting mouth care. Oral hygiene aids – selection and use. Dental appliance care e.g. dentures, implants.
  • Diet and Nutrition – Eating for health and wellbeing. Hydration. Sugar and snacks. Supplements. Weight maintenance for health.
  • Professional oral care – General dental care – access, cost, monitoring and maintenance.  Repair and replacement of teeth/fillings. Supportive preventive therapies.

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