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65 – 75 Years

  • Inside the mouth – Teeth, Jaws, Function, Appearance & Replacement. Failing restorations.  Tooth/Root decay, Gum disease, Tooth wear, Recession, Sensitivity & Trauma. Mouth Cancer, Soft tissues, Saliva, Dry mouth & Fresh breath.
  • Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing – Aging, General, Oral Health and Inflammation. Medications and supplements. Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs. Caring for others. Sleep, Exercise, Mental health & wellbeing.
  • Oral hygiene –Toothbrushing, Interdental cleaning & other oral care routines including the use of mouth wash. Tongue cleaning. Dental Appliance Care. Restorations – crown, bridge and implant maintenance. Supporting & assisting oral hygiene.
  • Diet and Nutrition – Healthy Eating for a healthy life and for a healthy smile for life. Sugar, Weight and oral health
  • Professional dental care – General Dental Care – Access, Cost, Monitoring & Maintenance. Repair and replacement of Teeth  e.g. Dental Implants. Professional Mechanical Plaque Removal  – Dental Hygiene Therapy. Cosmetic and Specialist dental care.

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