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18 – 25 Years

  • Inside the mouth – Teeth  -Wisdom teeth.  Tooth Decay, Fillings & more. Tooth wear. Gum health. Ulcers and soft tissue health. HPV and Mouth Cancer. Sensitivity. Appearance – Colour & Shape. Trauma – Prevention and Repair/Replacement
  • Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing  – General and Oral Health. Medicines and Supplements. Lifestyle & Oral health. Exercise & Fitness. Smoking, Alcohol & other Drugs.  Stress & Mental health.
  • Oral Hygiene – Toothbrushing. Interdental cleaning & other oral care products. Mouth rinsing. Dental appliance care.
  • Diet and Nutrition  – Eating well for mouth and body. Mealtimes, Snacks and Drinks. Diet, weight and supplements
  • Professional dental care – General Dental Care – Monitoring & Maintenance. Access, Frequency and Cost.  Professional Dental Hygiene. Cosmetic Dentistry -Bleaching, Braces etc

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