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0-6 Months

  • Inside the mouth – Tooth and jaw development. Tongue tie. Developmental anomalies e.g. cleft lip and palate.  Saliva, dribbling and teething – how to recognise and identify when it’s not ‘teeth’ related.
  • Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing – General health and development. Medications and oral health. Reflux. Dummy/Digit Sucking; Teething. Stress and mental health.
  • Oral hygiene –  Maintaining parents oral care routine with a new baby and new routines. Baby oral hygiene – when to start, what to use and how to clean baby’s gums and new teeth.
  • Diet and Nutrition – Parents diet and nutrition for a healthy life. Baby diet and nutrition Breast/Bottle Feeding for health.
  • Professional Dental Care – Parents continuing dental care. Baby’s first dental visit – Dental Check by One. Finding a dental home  for family dental care and regular attendance for healthy family smiles.

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