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Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Spray


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Oralieve’s  moisturising mouth spray is  can be used day or night as required to relief the symptoms of dry mouth. Dry mouth has many causes from dehydration, medication side effects to cancer therapy. Finding what works for you can be a bit of trial and error.

Specially designed and tested with dry mouth sufferers to replicate same natural enzyme system as saliva

Bullet point Easy to use pump dispenser for on-the-go relief from dry mouth

Bullet point Works instantly

Bullet point One application lasts between 1-2 hours

Bullet point Feels like natural saliva

Bullet point Pleasant tasting

Bullet point Contains Xylitol to help protect teeth

Oralieve formulation is powered by GALX technology – a unique combination of bioactive ingredients including enzymes, lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase which have been shown to help dry mouth.

The enzyme system found in all Oralieve products helps supplement natural saliva to help protect oral tissues and promote a healthy mouth. All Oralieve products also contain Xylitol, use mild flavours and contain no alcohol or SLS (ingredients which can irritate a dry mouth).

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