MC3 Mouth Cleanser

The MouthEze MC3 mouth cleanser is the perfect replacement for the traditional pink sponge for mouth care. The Pink sponges should not be used for mouth care due to risk of sponge coming off handle – a choking hazard.

The cone shaped head  with soft round filaments soothe the tongue and soft tissues of the mouth. The extended handle is easy to grip and allows good access to the back of the mouth. It should be used when a toothbrush can’t.

It is useful in residential care settings, hospital care/critical care, stroke care, oncology and elderly frail who are dependant on others for mouth care. It can assist in preventing ventilator acquired pneumonia.

The MouthEze MC3 mouth cleanser can be used to removed debris from he mouth e.g. food, sticky secretions and crusty plugs on the palate and stringy saliva. It can also be used to desensitise for those with swallow problems, extra challenges or learning or physical disabilities.

How to use –

Use either wet or dry, day or night. Remove from sleeve and rinse under water if required.

Gently sweep around the mouth/coft tissues using a rotation action to remove food and debris.

For coated tongue – use moisten MC3 with water or water based gel and gently sweep tongue from the back to tip of the tongue – to not scrub.

Lubricating soft tissues – dip in water or dry mouth gel and sweep around mouth.

Use for oral desensitisation by repeated desensitisation techniques as advised by a health care professional.

After use clean and rinse thoroughly under cold running water and allow to air dry. Discard after 12 hours.  For critical and intensive care units follow local guidelines for rinsing with sterile water or discard after single use.

DO NOT USE if packaging is open or any part of the MC3 appears damaged.



See advise from health or dental care professional if mouth is ulcerated or sore.

If oral thrush is present (candida infection) discard after each use.

For those with swallow difficulties or bite reflex ensure no filaments/bristles are bitten off or fall into the mouth. These can be removed with moistened gauze or a clean toothbrush.

The MC3 MouthEze cleanser is not for tooth cleaning – a toothbrush and suitable toothpaste should be used for this at least twice a day. Before bedtime and one other time every day. Brush every surface of all teeth and along gumline. Extra care toothbrushes can be found here. Special care toothpastes can be found here.  

More products for special/extra care. 

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