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Growing Smiles Mouth Map


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Growing Smiles mouth map can be used to get individuals to study their mouths and what they find inside!

How we use?

We’ve used these with people of all ages to note what teeth are present, what teeth are missing etc. It’s a great to start a conversation about a variety  of oral health topics. E.g.

  • Function – importance of teeth for eating, speaking, appearance
  • Oral hygiene – missing teeth, crowded teeth, partly erupted teeth etc. How to access all surfaces of all teeth and around the gum line. What tools are best suited for cleaning e.g. interdental brush size, floss etc.
  • Replacement of missing teeth – options e.g. implants, denture, bridge etc

Other conversations that have been generated from completing the mouth map –

  • Orthodontics – children, teens and adults
  • Tooth whitening
  • Cheek and tongue biting
  • Mouth cancer – importance of checking regularly
  • Fillings and other types of restorations

Hard copies of Growing Smiles flyers and referral cards are available. Contact us for more information and to have some sent to you.

See image gallery for more details.                 FYI        Flyer size – 1/3 of A4                     Referral card size 1/4 A4


Please respect our work. These are for personal use and should not be amended or reproduced for sale.

Thank you.

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