Bad Breath

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February 2023 Watch Talking Teeth Thursday with oral health coach LeighGS on Oral Malodour here.

Oral malodour, halitosis or bad breath is any unpleasant smell coming from the the mouth. It can affect people of all ages and can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. For most people it is transitory e.g. morning breath but for some it can be a serious problem. Around 50% of the adult population suffer from chronic oral malodour.

The source of 90% of chronic oral malodours come from the mouth. with around 10% being related to other parts of the body. The consequences of oral malodour may be more than just social, it may indicate the presence of disease. The unpleasant smell of exhaled air can often be related to eating certain foods e.g. garlic, onions. Smoking or alcohol also contribute to transient bad breath. Removing these foods/habits will control the oral malodour related to their intake.

Halitophobia is when someone is convinced they have bad breath which can’t be verified by others. This condition requires phycological care.

Oral causes include poor oral hygiene, gum (periodontal) disease, tongue coating, food packing around and between teeth, unclean dentures, faulty fillings or restorations, tooth decay, infections and dry mouth. Of these, the most common is bacteria breaking down food debris on the surface of the tongue.

Bad Breath Summary

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