Toothbrush Heads for Playbrush Smart One




Pack of two replacement toothbrush heads for Playbrush Smart One toothbrushes.

Playbrush Smart One replacement toothbrush heads – Soft. Available in three colours  (Mint, Navy, Salmon pink) to match the Playbrush Smart One toothbrushes which can be found here.

Replace toothbrush heads regularly – as soon as the bristles start to splay out – around 3 months. Use your toothbrush with a full charge if possible to ensure maximum toothbrushing. Make sure you use your sonic brush properly -it’s not the same as using a manual toothbrush!  See how to brush with a powered toothbrush here

Use the Playbrush apps to help improve your technique. Not sure how to use an electric toothbrush? Find out here

Brush teeth last thing at night and one other time every day. Use a pea sized blob of fluoride toothpaste on  the dry toothbrush. Spread toothpaste all around the tooth surfaces and then brush each surface of all teeth -outside, inside and the biting surface. Clean carefully along the gum margin. After brushing spit out but don’t rinse all the paste away. Let the active ingredients in your toothpaste work for longer.

Gums bleeding? This is most likely because the bacteria in the gel like plaque biofilm is irritating the gums and causing inflammation. To stop the bleeding you need to clean thoroughly – and regularly. Healthy gums don’t bleed. Expect to see an improvement in approximately 2 weeks – if not contact your dental team for assessment and advice.

Brushing teeth with ANY toothbrush takes TIME. 2 minutes is a lot longer than we think!  Use the timer, apps and games with the Smart One to help take the time necessary for oral health.

Want to improve your brushing try using a disclosing agent – tablets or toothpaste helps to show up the plaque biofilm making it easier to remove with a toothbrush. Find disclosing products here



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