Mam Cooler Teether

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The Mam Cooler Teether can be cooled in the fridge and used to relieve the discomfort of teething. The handle does not cool leaving little hands something to hold onto comfortably. The unique shape of the teething ‘fingers’ reach the back of the mouth and gives baby comfort during teething.

Baby can start to teeth at anytime from birth. Some baby’s are born with a tooth already erupted into their mouth. Most babies start to teeth around four months of age with the first tooth generally appearing about 6 months old. As soon as the first tooth starts to appear it should be brushed. The Bug Brush encourages children to get used to the feeling of toothbrush bristles at the same time as chewing on a teether. Parents should brush baby’s teeth at night time and one other time every day with a small headed toothbrush (Mam teaching brush) and a smear of toothpaste. No less than 1000ppm of Fluoride. Try BrushBaby Tutti Fruiti toothpaste with Xylitol. The added benefit of xylitol is that it stops the bacteria that cause decay sticking to the teeth. Parents can use Xylitol products to reduce the number of decay causing bacteria in their mouth and consequently┬áreduce transfer of these from parent to child.This has been shown to help reduce the risk of tooth decay to baby.




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