Rockabilly Children’s Self-Standing Toothbrush


Fun children’s toothbrush for ages 3-7. Great to encourage children to brush. Comes with 3 heads.



The Rockabilly Kids self standing toothbrush aims to make the lives of parents with a fun toothbrush that is fun for little ones.

Remember Weebles?  These wobble but don’t fall down! The Rockabilly Kids do not require a toothbrush holder as they ‘ Stand Up ‘ on their own and each comes with three heads. Brush heads should be replaced when the bristles splay out, roughly every 3-4 months.

Parents should assist with toothbrushing (e.g. with a Mam teaching brush), as small children don’t have the manual dexterity to clean effectively especially when baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth are erupting into the mouth.


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