ORTHOgami replacement flossing tips – pack of 200


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Replacement orthodontic tips – will fit all GumChucks handles.

It takes time to clean around braces thoroughly. Think of it as an investment in your long term oral health. No point in having straight teeth with cavities and inflamed, bleeding gums? Celan between first then brush thoroughly  – spit out don’t rinse after brushing. Let the flouride in your toothpaste stay around the teeth and make the tooth surfaces strong and more resistant to acid and sugar attack.

These innovative flossing tips safely slides under the arch wire, allowing you to make the dentist recommended “C” shape with the floss.No more threading. 

Strong floss with a high shred tolerance, lightly waxed to slide smoothly between teeth.  ORHTHOgami makes flossing easy and more effective. 

Healthy tips for happy teeth can be found here 

Want to know how you can improve your oral health? Book a virtual oral health coaching session with LeighGS here




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