Playbrush Smart – toothbrushing to video game


Each Playbrush will come with a free TePe toothbrush suitable for 5-10 year olds.



Playbrush Smart transforms toothbrushing to video game by attaching to any manual toothbrush. It then becomes a gaming controller making toothbrushing into a fun game. Playbrush enables children and young at hearts to play fun and instructional mobile games while brushing teeth.

Download Playbrush apps for iOS and Android

Thanks to both the Playbrush Smart device (which turns any toothbrush into a gaming controller) and the purpose-built mobile games, Playbrush easily encourages children to brush their teeth.

There is a Playbrush for everyone!

  • Playbrush technology translates brushing movements into the App and gives feedback on coverage, pressure, speed, duration and frequency.
  • Playbrush Smart fits almost any manual toothbrush.
  • Playbrush Smart Sonic, a fully integrated electric toothbrush with extra soft bristles and 17,000 swivel movements per minute; measures pressure and has two brushing modes: Normal and Sensitive.


Playbrush Smart transforms toothbrushing to video game and links brushing behaviour to in-game performance. Playbrush smart algorithm measures brushing behaviour and translates it into mobile challenges. By giving real time feedback via games Playbrush encourages children to brush more regularly, for longer and more accurately.


Playbrush is not a conventional toothbrush, but an add-on that works with almost any manual toothbrush. Thus, children can easily share one Playbrush device, making this high-quality product affordable for most households.

Playbrush tutorial

Prefer a sonic electric toothbrush but with all the Playbrush fun? Check out Playbrush Smart Sonic

Want one for grown ups who want share of the fun when brushing? Check out Playbrush Smart One

For more info go to

What devices do I need to use Playbrush Smart/Smart Sonic?

The Playbrush Kids App works with devices that have iOS 8*, Android 4.4*, as well as with the Kindle Fire HD 4th Gen*. The app is available on the Apple-, Google Play – or Amazon App Store. Using Playbrush on different devices (parents, grand-parents, babysitter) is possible.

*or newer.

Find more about the playbrush apps for Apple  for Android


Choose from

  • Playbrush Smart Green
  • Playbrush Smart Red
  • Playbrush Smart Pink
  • Playbrush Bathroom kit – attaches to the bathroom wall/mirror to protect your phone/tablet

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