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This limited edition toothbrush pack of 2 Curaprox 5460 ultrasoft Winter toothbrushes designed by Thomas Bolliger. They have snowflake design on bristles and come in pack of on one royal blue and one white.

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This limited edition toothbrush pack have small heads and multi-tufted ultra soft filaments making it easy to move around the mouth gentle on gums but effective at plaque biofilm removal. All round great for cleaning without doing damage. Pair with a good fluoride toothpaste e.g. BiominF for gentle brushing especially for anyone who suffers from sensitivity or tooth wear. Great for anyone who loves a manual toothbrush but struggles to reach to the back of their mouth or has recession and wants to prevent tooth wear.

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Place Curaprox filaments around the area where the gum and tooth meet. Vibrate the bristles using enough pressure to clean the crevice around the gum line, but don’t scrub as if you are cleaning the floor! Think of how you would clean under your finger nails with a nail brush – the bristles need to access the gum crevice to remove the plaque bacteria. Watch in a mirror to see the bristles are placed at the gum crevice and ensure each surface of every tooth is brushed thoroughly. Use a fluoride toothpaste and spit out but don’t rinse after brushing – get the maximum benefit from your toothpaste ingredients. Time yourself to make sure you are taking at least 2 minutes to brush. Clean your tongue then between teeth/floss BEFORE brushing. This way the active ingredients in your toothpaste reach all surfaces and work for longer helping prevent disease.

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