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Implant care kit from Curaprox. If you are undergoing dental implant treatment you will have been given advice about the importance of your daily home care routine. This implant care kit from Curaprox will get you off to a good start on your implant journey.

See image gallery for all that is in this pack.

FACT  Without you doing your bit at home every single day and undergoing regular professional plaque removal your implant may not be successful. Implant treatment can take time and is expensive. To ensure long term stability and ensure implant health you will need to use the right tools at the right time in the right wayevery single day. This takes time, effort and commitment. You may need to modify the way you brush your teeth  clean between teeth and around the implant/s. This will be modified as you undergo your implant journey, from the surgical phase through to maintaining implant health.

You will likely spend much more time than you did before your periodontal diagnosis on your oral hygiene routine to control the plaque biofilm in your mouth. On top of this you will also need to address any medical and lifestyle factors that may affect your implants long term health e.g. smoking, diabetes, stress.

You will find the Association of Dental implantology information leaflet useful.. You can access it here.

We strongly recommend you getting one to one advice from your dental team or a Growing Smiles oral health coach. You can book an online session ( Time out for teeth) here.

This kit includes –

Surgical Surgical mega soft toothbrush – a supersoft toothbrush gentle on gums yet effective at removing plaque biofilm at the all important and around surgical implant site. Designed for special care following operations,  with inflammation, soreness and during radiotherapy. Developed in cooperation with the University of Berne. 12’000 filaments, 0.06 mm in diameter.

Use during surgical phase of implant therapy as advised by your dental team or oral health coach.

CS 5460 toothbrush – for every day toothbrushing beyond healing stage. Find out more about this brush here. You may also want to consider the Curaprox hydrosonic pro electric toothbrush with single tuft attachment for long term implant maintenance.

Find out more about brushing with manual and electric toothbrushes here.

708 Implant/ortho brush – assists in effective gum and implant cleaning and reaches hard to access areas of the mouth. It reaches everywhere: behind adn around implants – wherever cleaning is particularly tricky. The handle is flexible, the head can be bent. Extremely compact, seven-tuft head with fine Curen® filaments measuring 0.12 mm in diameter.

Click handle 430 – use this handle with the interdental brush heads to access the interdental (between teeth) spaces at the back of your mouth as well as around and under any implant support architecture. Interdental brushes can be used from the outside towards the tongue as well and from the tongue or palate towards the cheek.

CPS soft implant interdental brushes For the gentle cleaning of large spaces after periodontal treatment and for implants. The CPS soft implant series with its fine, long bristles is specially designed for this very purpose. Daily interdental cleaning is a must for implant health. Use the largest brush that will fit comfortably. The bristles must contact the tooth /implant surfaces to be effective. This mixed set will allow you to work out what size you need to use where. NOTE – the size and shape of the interdental space may change as you progress through implant therapy and achieve health and stability. What size works now may not be as effective 3 or 6 months from now. Learn more here and here. 

NB. (Prime interdental brush tips can be used on both prime handles or fitted to the Click handle for easier access.)

Use with Perio Plus gum gel included in pack. Learn more about what and how to use here.

PerioPlus+ Support Toothpaste (75mls) with Citrox and Chlorhexidine CHX 0.09 – contains xylitol and fluoride. Use night as morning. A pea sized blob of paste on a dry toothbrush. Brush all surfaces of each tooth – outside inside and biting surface. Concentrate on cleaning along the gum line/crevice. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse all paste away when finished brushing. Let the active ingredients work for longer for most effective results and help control sensitivity.

Contains – See image gallery for ingredients as listed on packaging.

SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free, Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste is ideal for use in conjunction with any Perio Plus+ mouth rinse, protecting teeth and gums from oral disease.
Application – Use instead of regular toothpaste each morning and evening. Period of use – 1 month
Warning – For oral application only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

PerioPlus+ Mouth rinse ( 200mls) Forte pCx-P+CHX 0.20 for use before, during ,and after periodontal therapy (gum treatment). Use this at a different time of day to toothbrushing or as directed by your dental professional. Rinse vigorously to coat all surfaces of the mouth to promote healing and gum health.

Contains – See image gallery for ingredients as listed on packaging.

Shades and colours of brushes may vary.



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