GumChucks for Kids Floss – easy, fun flossing!


Flossing Starter Kit – handles with 10 tips

Designed with kids in mind to make flossing fun. Handles allow access right to the back of the mouth whilst getting a tight ‘C’ shape around the tooth to clean surfaces a toothbrush can’t reach.

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When to start flossing? When teeth have erupted and are in contact with one another. The contact areas between baby teeth are at high risk of decay. Meet the mouth mob and battle evil cavities.

GumChucks for kids has great appeal with exciting character cards to collect and swap and an App to download from the GumChucks website.

Includes 1 Set of Gumchucks Handles, 12 disposable flossing tips.

The two handle system allows you to control floss tension and easily make the recommended “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the gum line. Handles mean you don’t have to wrap floss around finger tips, cutting off circulation.

Easy push buttons release flossing tips. Utilises a 22-mm piece of lightly waxed, high quality dental floss made with 250 strands of twisted fibre with high shred tolerance to keep it gliding smoothly between teeth.

Use a sawing action to guide floss between teeth. Once between the teeth under the point where the teeth are in contact tighten the floss around the tooth surface and scrape up and down to remove the plaque biofilm off the side of the tooth (it will go a little way under the gum). Guide the floss up and over the triangular bit of gum between the teeth (no need to remove completely from between teeth) then wrap round the opposite tooth surface and repeat up and down motion to clean the side of that tooth. Gently remove using a sawing action and move between the next two teeth.



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