Gift tumbler – select your products, add this tumbler and we will create your gift


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A cute plastic┬átumbler with Growing Smiles logo – select the products you would like to give and we will pop them into the tumbler and tie it all together in cellophane and ribbon. Makes a great gift.

Visiting someone in hospital or in a nursing home?

The mouth can be affected by illness, medications and if not kept clean may affect medical conditions. A common complaint of someone who is unwell is dry mouth. Check out our products suitable for dry mouth.

Someone in hospital – Patients in hospital or who are very ill will benefit from a new toothbrush. Something extra soft as gums and soft tissues in the mouth can suffer when someone is unwell. The mouth can become very dry so GC dry mouth gel will help lubricate soft tissues. Biotine Gel is also suitable for dry mouth problems

How about a new toothbrush and a mild toothpaste e.g. Ora Nurse

Someone coming to stay? How about a Curaprox Ultrasoft toothbrush and toothpaste?


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