Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel for those at increased risk of tooth decay or acid erosion/tooth surface loss


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Acidic food and drinks that are often found in our diet can negatively affect tooth enamel leading to tooth surface loss e.g. acid erosion. Use Enamelon® to strengthen your smile.

Suitable for the following – 

Gastric reflux/GORD

High risk of tooth decay and/or tooth erosion

Attrition/Bruxism – tooth grinding

Oncology patients

Orthodontics (braces)

People taking many medications – especially if any cause a dry mouth

Elderly with poor saliva flow/reduced ability to clean/clear food from the mouth

Benefits – Sensitivity relief; Anti gum inflammation (gingivitis); Stimulates saliva flow; Moisturises and soothes soft tissues; Abrasive free formula; ACP formula; SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free

People suffering dry mouth


Individuals with special medical and /or dental needs

HOW TO USE – Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel should be used once a day after brushing your teeth with toothpaste. Apply the gel to your toothbrush and brush teeth thoroughly. Allow the gel to stay on your teeth for 1 minute,  then spit out. Do not swallow the gel. Do not rinse, eat or drink for 30 minutes after brushing.

ABOUT ENAMELON® PREVENTIVE TREATMENT GEL    0.40% Stannous Fluoride (970 ppm F)

Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel is formulated with stabilised stannous fluoride optimised with calcium and phosphate ions to offer an effective home-use treatment plan for decay prevention and sensitivity relief. The gentle, non-abrasive formula can be used daily as part of your  oral hygiene routine.


  • Helps in prevention of cavities
  • Builds increasing protection against painful tooth sensitivity from cold, hot, acids, sweets, or contact
  • Helps prevent gingivitis (bleeding gums)
  • Helps interfere with the harmful effects of plaque associated with gingivitis
  • Delivers more fluoride uptake to the teeth
  • Promotes remineralization and inhibits demineralization
  • More protection with less fluoride; gel contains 970 ppm Fluoride
  • Non-abrasive gel
  • SLS, gluten, and dye-free

Label and further information on ingredients etc can be found at http://www.enamelon.com/sites/default/files/label/Enamelon_Gel_Combo_R2.pdf

Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel contains 970 ppm fluoride ion, yet this patent-pending formula utilises calcium and phosphate ions to uniquely deliver more fluoride uptake to teeth. This is the first formula to combine the protective properties of the stannous fluoride ion with the remineralising potential of ACP technology. The unique saliva-stimulating formula provides an enhanced ability to form loosely bound calcium fluoride reservoirs. These reservoirs provide a vital source of remineralising ions in the presence of an acid challenge. The release of these ions helps to promote remineralisation and inhibit demineralisation.



The most reactive and soluble calcium phosphate compound, ACP forms on the tooth enamel, within the dentine tubules and provides a calcium and phosphate reservoir. Research shows that available ACP on the enamel can prevent damaging erosion by stimulating remineralisation of tooth structure. Introducing calcium and phosphate back into the surface of the tooth with products containing ACP technology is an ideal strategy to reverse the demineralisation process.

The ACP-forming ingredients also strengthen teeth by acting as an enhanced fluoride delivery system to deliver more fluoride than products without ACP. The patient has the benefit of fluoride uptake without greater exposure to higher fluoride concentrations or volumes. ACP combines with fluoride to desensitise dentine. Fluoride, along with ACP, occludes tubules which is a proven mechanism to reduce dentine hypersensitivity.

Ultramulsion® is a patented composition with unique properties which benefits by providing a long-lasting coating that lubricates and soothes the soft tissues of the mouth.
Stannous fluoride provides additional benefits compared to sodium fluoride. In addition to the cavity-fighting protection, stannous fluoride also helps to prevent sensitive teeth and gingivitis. Stannous fluoride is an antimicrobial agent, it is bactericidal (kills bacteria) and inhibits the harmful effects that create plaque and cause gingivitis.




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