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Dr Marks Hygenie Appliance cleaning range offers something unique for cleaning all types of oral appliances.

This range is perfect for cleaning and caring for all dental appliances including

  • Dentures
  • Orthodontic aligners (clear braces),
  • Retainers
  • Sports mouthguards
  • Nightguards
  • Clench inhibitors/splints
  • Bruxism night guards
  • Anti snoring devices
  • Teeth whitening trays

Up to now we haven’t really found something that makes cleaning appliances simple and effective. Oral health coach LeighGS has done extensive testing of this unique system from Australia. The result is we are adding these to our range or oral care products.

Dr Mark Wotherspoon, a dentist in NSW, Australia with many years experience in many areas of dentistry states –

“For 30 years in practice, I have seen far too many people struggle to properly clean and protect their removable dental appliances. Did you know that wearing an unhygienic dental appliance can lead to unsightly, painful and costly oral disease? Oral disease which can then lead to even more serious diseases of the heart, lungs and throat?
Our mission is to change all that.”

Dr Mark Wotherspoon, BDSc Inventor & Founder, Dr Mark’s HyGenie

If you know Growing Smiles, you know Mark speaks our language – prevention, which starts with every day home care.

Many people struggle holding and cleaning dental appliances. From dentures to sports mouthguards they can be fiddly and awkward to clean effectively. Historically oral appliances get forgotten about in daily oral hygiene routines, yet they gather the same germ laden (bacteria) plaque biofilm as teeth and gums. Often dental appliances are not cleaned effectively ie. brushed thoroughly every day. What happens over time is tartar (calcified plaque biofilm) builds up. A dental professional is required to remove this to avoid damaging the appliance. Food and bacteria build up under and around appliances can lead to fungal infections, soreness and are major contributors to bad breath.

Dr Marks Hygenie range offers solutions to age old problems. Full dentures aren’t nearly as common as they were 50 years ago but many more people are wearing some form of removable dental appliance. Everything from clear braces to implant retained dentures – they all  need TLC to ensure they are fit for purpose and don’t compromise oral health

Growing Smiles offer the following Dr Marks Hygenie products – scroll down for more details. 

        Dr Mark’s Clean & Care Kit

        Hygenie Sport Rapid Hygiene Kit

        Dr Marks DentalFresh cleaning gel – 125mls or 50mls

        HyGenie Sport QuickClean Spray


Dr Mark’s Clean & Care Kit

                             includes Dr Mark’s HyGenie and 50ml DentalFresh.

The ultimate cleaning duo for removable dental appliances such as dentures, Invisalign, Night guards and mouthguards. There’s no need for traditional false teeth cleaning methods such as soaking in a denture bath and no need to wait hours to remove the build-up of harmful bacteria and germs. Get the job done in minutes with the Clean & Care Kit – simply add DentalFresh denture soap to Dr Mark’s HyGenie, twist and rinse. Clean, fresh, safe and healthy.

– Two products you need to clean, protect and store your dental appliance (dentures, nightguards, clear aligners, retainers, splints)
– Safe product combination for a twice-daily hygiene routine
– HyGenie device lasts 2+ years
– HyGenie brushes last 6+ months
– Apply 3 pea sized drops per use, DentalFresh will last up to 3 months, doesn’t expire
– Designed by Dental Professionals and made in Australia

Hygenie Sport Rapid Hygiene Kit

includes HyGenie Sport ‘CAGE’, 100ml QuickClean spray nand free Carabiner Pack.

The Rapid Hygiene Kit is the smartest product combination you’ll need in your sports mouthguard cleaning routine. The active formula of the HyGenie Sport QuickClean Spray effectively prohibits the buildup of bacteria and germs, whilst The CAGE ensures your mouthguard is safely stored and protected.

– For a quick shot of clean and safe mouthguard storage
– Use immediately after every practice or game
– Spray it, pop it, clip it. Fast, safe and healthy
– Helps keep your mouthguard clean, protected and combat ready!
– Designed by Dental Professionals and made in Australia

Dr Marks DentalFresh – select either 125ml OR 50ml

125ml tube of DentalFresh, flip-top easy squeeze tube, will last 7-8 months, doesn’t expire.

Dr Mark’s DentalFresh® is an easy-to-use, fast acting and fresh scented cleansing gel. Think of it as SOAP for washing your dentures, night guard, aligners (like Invisalign®) and mouthguards. DentalFresh cleans dental appliances by washing away biofilms and food particles and attacking the harmful germs and bacteria that collect on your dental appliance leaving them clean, hygienic and healthy. Use it as a denture toothpaste with your HyGenie or SureGrip Denture Brush.

– Attacks germs and bacteria in seconds
– Alcohol, bleach and paraben-free, safe for children
– Washes away biofilms and food particles
– Perfectly pH balanced at 5.0, ideal for dissolving calculous and plaque over time
– Contains peppermint oil for natural antibacterial action and minty freshness
– Apply 3 pea-sized drops per use, 125ml DentalFresh will last 7-8 months, doesn’t expire
– Formulated by Dental Professionals and made in Australia

HyGenie Sport QuickClean Spray

100ml QuickClean spray in pump bottle with user guide on the pack

HyGenie Sport QuickClean Spray is a mouthguard sanitiser that quickly and effectively protects you and your mouthguard from the nasties that collect on them during practice, comps or floating around the bottom of your sports bag. Spray QuickClean onto your mouthguard after every use, then store in the CAGE mouthguard carrier and be confident that it’s hygienic, protected and combat ready (even if it has been floating around the bottom of your sports bag). It’s as easy as that.

– Helps keep sports mouthguards clean, hygienic and minty fresh
– Spray on for an instant sanitising effect
– Fights off bacteria and nasties that collect your mouthguard
– Uses spearmint oil, a natural antimicrobial, smells great too
– Tough compact spray pump bottle
– Safe for children

Learn more about Dr Mark Wotherspoon and the Hygenie range here.

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