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Dentemp first aid for repair for loose crowns and lost fillings. Temporary emergency repair for home use when can’t get to a dentist! Offers fast relief of pain and discomfort, pleasant tasting, safe and effective.

Watch our how to use video here

Developed by a dentist. It is easy to use, safe and strong.

  • Multiple applications – 12+ repairs per 2.2g pack
  • Ready to use

Ingredients: Calcium Sulfate, Barium Sulfate, Dimethoxytetraethylene Glycol, Zinc Oxide, Eugenol, Ethylmethacrylate Polymer.

CAUTION: This product should not be used if throbbing pain or swelling in affected area exists. Consult your dentist immediately. This product is sold as a temporary remedy. See your dentist as soon as possible for permanent work to be performed. Failure to do so may cause infection and/or serious injury. Store at room temperature with container closed to keep material soft.

To Replace a Lost Filling: Wash hands. Rinse out cavity with warm water. Do not dry; leave moist. Use applicator to remove a small amount of material from vial, form into a ball with your fingers and press firmly into cavity. Scrape the material off your finger by scraping your finger along the edge of the tooth. Do not lift your finger straight up as this might loosen the material in the cavity. Bite down several times to insure proper bite. REMOVE ANY EXCESS MATERIAL. RINSE OUT MOUTH WELL. Allow two (2) hours to set before eating.

To Re-cement Loose Caps or Crowns: Wash hands. Prepare crown by carefully removing as much old cement as possible from inside the crown. Rinse well. Clean and rinse tooth area with water and leave moist. Fit the crown back on the tooth before applying new material. Make sure it fits properly. If you cannot do this, DO NOT PROCEED. See your dentist. Use applicator to remove a small amount of material from vial. Place a very small amount of material along the inside edge of the open end of the crown. Place crown on wet tooth and press firmly. Bite down several times to insure proper fit. If the bite is not completely comfortable, remove and repeat all steps until the crown feels normal. REMOVE ANY EXCESS MATERIAL. RINSE OUT MOUTH WELL WITH WATER. Allow at least two (2) hours to set before eating. Dentemp Premium Dental Repair can be used to replace a bridge. Dentemp Premium Dental Repair should not be used on implants or posts without dentist’s advice.

Emergency dental treatment in lockdown – watch this video by our good friend and dentist Emma Prentice, on what you can do if you have lost a filling etc, even before you have a first aid kit to hand. + Add new category

Our focus is on helping you. Please contact us if you have a question. We are here to help in these very difficult times. 

IF YOU HAVE A DENTAL PROBLEM the first port of call is always your dentist. They will be able to advise by  phone what steps to take until they  are able to assess you face to face. They know your mouth, have your notes, x-rays etc to hand and are best placed to advise you. There are contingencies in place for urgent dental care throughout the UK. These can only be accessed if necessary through your dental practitioner after telephone consultation.

In the meantime, try and keep the area where you have lost a filling/broken a tooth etc clean. If it is sensitive try applying some sensitive toothpaste  – this can be repeated a number of times per day. If you have lost a crown, keep it safe until it can be replaced. 


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