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Curaprox Daily Appliance Cleaning Gel – It’s going to be a while 🙁 *


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Jan 23 update We are advised by Curaprox that the daily appliance cleaning gel will not be available for some time. This is due to the changes within the UK Regulations since Brexit. This and the weekly bath must now need to be reclassified.  This process can be quite lengthy. Curaprox are working closely with the manufacturer to ensure all the documentation is in place ready to apply for the certification. We are sorry for any inconvenience. In the meantime you might like to try for daily cleaning HyGenie Dental care gel  or liquid soap (just rinse the appliance well after use). We highly recommend the use of the Dr Mark HyGenie Clean & Care kit. For soaking try Retainer brite tablets or Erskines Oral Appliance cleaning tablets. Keeping your appliance clean and healthy is important not only for oral health but also for overall health and wellbeing. Listen to Dr Mark Wotherspoon talking to oral health coach LeighGS about the importance of dental appliance daily care here. 

Curaprox Daily Appliance Cleaning Gel DC 100. 60mls. Small bottle with lots of power and goes a long way! 🙂

Suitable for orthodontic retainers, aligners etc; dentures, bleaching trays and all appliances including sports mouth guards, clench inhibitors and night guards.

Chemical free cleaning gel for daily use.

Natural ingredients of eucalyptus oil, sea salt and citric acid. No abrasives that may scratch the appliance. No hydrochloric acid or other ingredients that can irritate soft tissues of the mouth.

Curprox Daily Appliance Cleaning Gel is a natural cleanser which helps remove the plaque biofilm that gathers on all oral appliance surfaces, the same way it does on teeth. Cleans and freshens appliance and prevents micro-cracks. This is the daily cleanser of choice for many dental professionals.

Use with a denture brush and clean all surfaces – especially those in contact with teeth, gums and soft tissues. Partly fill basin with water in case you drop the appliance when cleaning! Apply a couple of drops to the appliance and use a brush to clean all surfaces of the appliance.

Keeping your appliance clean and fresh prevents bacterial growth on the surfaces and reduces the risk of fungal infection of the soft tissues of your mouth.

Check out oral health coach LeighGS cleaning aligners after disclosing the plaque biofilm here.

Find out more about caring for dental appliances here

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