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CPS 512 soft implant interdental brush refill (12mm violet).

Pack of 3 replacement brush heads to use with Curaprox handles.

Long, fine, rounded filaments. The ideal interdental brush for cleaning larger gaps. Gentle on implants, crowns, bridges and after surgery.

After periodontal treatment and implants, gaps are much wider than usual. CPS soft implant brushes are designed to clean large gaps gently: thanks to their finer and longer bristles, they are well suited to this task.

The bristles of these  implant interdental brush refills can access all the difficult to reach areas around implants and teeth. This is a perfect size for anyone who has a bar implant attachment where it can be difficult to clean underneath.  They open out to fill the gaps between the teeth – and clean efficiently thanks to this umbrella effect.

  • Plastic-coated: These implant brushes also protect the delicate titanium surfaces of implants.
  • Durable: The conical design of the fine wire core prevents premature breakage for a longer life.
  • Click System: Implant brushes fit all holders, making interdental cleaning extremely pleasant and easy. And since you only need to replace the brush tip you are helping to reduce plastic waste. Always a bonus!

These large, soft brushes can be used in any and all large interdental spaces including where a tooth may have been lost. They can be used in both directions  – from lip/cheek side towards tongue or from tongue/palate towards cheek.

Use dry before toothbrushing to ensure ingredients in toothpaste reach all surfaces. Spit out after toothbrushing but don’t rinse all the paste away.

Learn more about interdental brushes.



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