Colgate ProClinical C250 Electric Toothbrush


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Will fit in your pocket or handbag.

A pocket power brush that works a treat! 🙂 Ergonomic design and distinct cleaning action for healthier teeth and gums.

This little brush is not much bigger than a marker pen. Lightweight and easy to hold and move around the mouth.

As with all our products we have tried this little brush and used correctly it works really well. Hold the bristles on the tooth surface where gum and tooth meet and let the power do the work. Patience is a virtue with all power toothbrushes. The temptation is to move the brush as you would a manual brush – don’t! Just set it on the tooth surface and count to 5 then move on to next tooth surface – outside inside and biting surface of all teeth. May be boring but it does a great job!

As with all toothbrushes unless directed use dry with a pea sized blob of toothpaste. Spread the paste over all teeth then turn on the power and brush each surface of all teeth thoroughly – look what you are doing in mirror to make sure no surface is missed. After brushing spit out but don’t rinse – let the toothpaste ingredients work. Rinse the head under running water and nip the bristles together to help retain their shape. Store uncovered if possible and out of contact with other brushes to avoid bacteria transfer. Replace head when bristles splay out.


The NEW Colgate® ProClinical® C250 electric toothbrush uses two distinct sonic cleaning motions – up-down and side-to-side giving multi- directional cleaning.

2 minute time and 30 second pacer to ensure you spend long enough on each part of your mouth.

Charge indicator lets you know when fully charged

Replacement head indicator – when outer blue tips fade.

Reverse side of bristle head has tongue and cheek cleaner

Two pin charging base

Travel cap for easy storage when on the move

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