Orthodontic Brace Care

Orthodontic treatment requires a special level of home care to keep your mouth healthy and prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums, bad breath and ulcers.  Treatment can take years and requires you (and often your family) to make a major commitment of time and effort to support the work of the orthodontic team to obtain and maintain the smile you want. The last thing anyone wants is straight teeth with cavities and bleeding gums. It is your job to keep your mouth healthy.

Get your mouth in order before you start. Visit your dentist and hygienist or therapist before and during treatment – they will advise you how often.Tooth brushing twice a day won’t be enough.  Using disclosing toothpaste or tablets to see where the plaque biofilm is gathering around teeth and braces will help but you will need more than a toothbrush to clean thoroughly. Take Time Out For Teeth with us and we will help you select the best oral hygiene aids and how to use them before, during and after orthodontic treatment. See also appliance care

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