One to One Coaching

Personal training for your mouth!

Prevention IS better than cure! We are here to help you to a healthier smile – in your own home, at a time that suits you!

Q : When is the most important time to look after your mouth?

A : 365 days a year – not just the few days before your dental visit!

Growing Smiles one to one or small family group coaching is designed to help you to a healthier smile in your own home.

Cost £45 for 45-60 minutes lifestyle coaching for your mouth.

Where? Your home or location suitable to your needs e.g. residential home if you are a carer.

When? At a time suitable for you and your family/those you care for (includes evening or weekend).

What? Personal Risk Assessment –  Are you at risk of dental disease? Do you know how to prevent problems. Many things can affect your oral health and may impact on your risk of disease.

e.g. Medical factors; Lifestyle factors; Present home care; Dental attendance and experience etc.

We will discuss things that you are concerned about e.g. anxiety about dental visits, bad breath etc. and why oral health is important in context of general health and well being.

A variety of factors can affect your oral health throughout life. Based on the information gathered we can identify any risk factors and their potential impact on your oral health and well being. We will explain common dental diseases, how they can be prevented, how where this relates directly to your own mouth. You will have the opportunity to look in your own mouth up close and personal with a small camera linked to a computer screen so you can understand the areas that might need more attention and why.

With you, we will develop a personal home care plan that will suit your lifestyle – helping you to a healthier smile.

We will recommend what you can do to improve your oral health at home and make sure this will fit into your lifestyle. We will offer hints and tips to improve your smile e.g. staining the bacteria in your mouth to make it easier to see and demonstrate how to remove it. We will demonstrate correct use of oral care products and you will be able to try them to make sure you are happy and know how to use them.

Optional – Follow-up/support – via website/text/email/social media – your preference if any or none!
Optional Follow up visit – Face to face (cost pro rata of time)
Review risk assessment – how you are getting on, what has worked, what has changed
Modify home care plan taking into account any changes either in risk or home care routine

For more information or to book a GS coach visit please contact us

What our Clients Have to Say

My experience of GS was very positive. Just having a better understanding of what the dentist is checking for, why certain things like dental cleaning are important and how my mouth works in regards to eating and drinking gave me motivation to make more effort and a feeling of control in my oral health that Continue Reading

Sandra, Ballycarry

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