Family Group Coaching

These sessions are aimed at family groups of around 4-6.

This is an opportunity to get oral health advise for the whole family. We are happy to tailor a session to suit your family needs.

Often lifestyle factors influence oral health, many of which apply to the whole family. Children inherit many factors that influence their oral health e.g. crowded or crooked teeth. Snacking and controlling sugary food and drinks involves every member of the family making healthier choices. Disclosing the plaque biofilm that builds up on teeth can help make it easier to remove. Children learn practical skills like tooth brushing from watching their parents. We demonstrate and assist practically how parents can improve their home care and how to brush their childrens’ teeth, developing a family approach to a healthy smile. We can help prepare children for their first dental visit or build confidence for those who may be the greatest dental fan!

Tips offered on tooth friendly food and drink, tooth brushing, cleaning between teeth, visiting the dentist.

We may use a little pen camera linked to a tablet so you can see what is going on inside your mouth and help create a personal, practical and positive oral care plan.

The session is followed up with personalised feedback literature to help the whole family have something to smile about.

The cost of these sessions include oral hygiene aids, preparation of feedback travel etc.  Cost per 60 minute session £60.

Please contact us to plan your session to help you to a healthier smile!

What our clients say

I first met Leigh when she delivered a very informative talk to a business seminar I attended. Immediately after the session, I invited Leigh to deliver a family session for me, my wife and 3 kids (of 16, 14 and 12) at our home. The session was quickly arranged, and Leigh made it really fun for the kids and interesting for all of us; we learnt lots as a family that we continue to keep each other in check on. Delighted with the session and for the longer-term benefits that we will gain as a family. I would recommend Leigh and her Growing Smiles service to anyone

NA Time out for Teeth Group Session 15/06/2019

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